What is BrandCycle?

BrandCycle is a monetization platform that connects retail brands with lifestyle publishers. BrandCycle has developed a collection of exclusive tools that lets top publishers in the mom, family, baby, wedding, home décor and style space earn commission on content, products, photos and more.


How does BrandCycle work?

With BrandCycle’s single network login, publishers can access exclusive content and build high performing cost-per-acquisition (CPA) campaigns, deals and offers. Publishers on BrandCycle work only with the retail brands they want, how they want. It’s free to join, and publishers make equal or greater commission working through BrandCycle compared to working directly with a brand or through a traditional affiliate network.


Which publishers work with BrandCycle?

​​​BrandCycle works exclusively with lifecycle publishers. Lifecycle publisher is a term that BrandCycle uses to refer to content-driven websites that cater to the following niche audiences: Mom & Family, Wedding, Style, Home Décor, Health & Wellness and Green.


Which retailers work with BrandCycle?

BrandCycle works with select leading retail and consumer brands in the lifecycle verticals. A few representative retailers include Target, Reebok, Tiny Prints, Shutterfly and Gymboree.


How often does BrandCycle add new products and content?

BrandCycle works with retailers to develop exclusive campaigns for publishers on the BrandCycle platform, BrandCycle also curates a product feed of best-selling products and the latest exclusive campaigns from retail brand partners on a daily basis.


Do publishers earn less by working with BrandCycle versus directly working with retailers?

​​Publishers make equal or greater commission working through BrandCycle compared to working directly with a brand or through a traditional affiliate network.

How does the bookmarklet tool work?


Our proprietary technology, which is not available through the traditional affiliate networks, allows BrandCycle to deliver content and campaigns to publishers and affiliates in a more streamlined, user-friendly way.

Our bookmarklet tool can be dragged and dropped into a browser’s bookmarks toolbar. This button enables publishers to make money and create links right from a retailer’s site. With our simple tool, BrandCycle publishers can access exclusive deals and content with a single click.


How can I download the bookmarklet?

The bookmarklet can be downloaded with a simple drag-and-drop. BrandCycle-approved publishers can download our free proprietary bookmarklet tool from the BrandCycle portal.


Which browsers are compatible with the bookmarklet?

The bookmarklet is compatible with all major browsers.


Is it free to join BrandCycle?

It is free for publishers to sign up and join BrandCycle.


How do publishers receive payments?

When a publisher creates a BrandCycle account, he or she should navigate to the “My Account” page to set up payment details with our payment provider, Payoneer.  Publishers will be prompted to set-up a Payoneer account with a separate login and password.  Once an account is set-up, publishers can choose a desired method of payment (direct deposit or pre-paid debit card) and access the Payoneer account at anytime to manage payment details and view transaction history.


When will publishers be paid?

Payments from BrandCycle will be credited to the payment details that a publisher enters when setting up BrandCycle account. When a publisher’s balance reaches $50, he or she can request a payment.

BrandCycle acts as an intermediary between publishers and retailers. Therefore, BrandCycle pays publishers upon receiving payment from retailers.  Retailers typically lock payments between 30-120 days after the transaction occurs depending on the network and a specific advertisers’ lock window and return window. After locking transactions, Retailers will typically pay out within the month. By default, BrandCycle processes all payments to publishers received from the previous month on the 15th day of every month (or the subsequent business day if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday).


How does BrandCycle handle click fraud?

BrandCycle takes steps to ensure that clicks generated from your website are not of a fraudulent nature e.g. from BrandCycle publishers or technology used to produce false clicks.


Why is a tax form necessary for payment?

As a publisher working with BrandCycle, the IRS requires our company to report the annual income a publisher receives through the program via a 1099 form. Once a publisher receives $600 in payouts, that publisher must submit a W9 form through their Payoneer account, which is an industry standard for affiliate programs.


Are there opportunities for personalized and custom campaigns?

Yes, in addition to exclusive brand campaigns that are open to all BrandCycle publishers, select BrandCycle publishers have the opportunity for further engagement with retail brand partners on the platform. If you’re interested in custom opportunities, email info@brandcycle.com for more information.


What is the difference between working with BrandCycle compared to other content monetization platforms?

BrandCycle’s emphasis on high-quality, brand-relevant campaigns enables publishers to offer value to their audience while generating revenue for their website properties. By working with BrandCycle, publishers have the added advantage of accessing custom content and exclusive campaigns from our network of retailers. Using BrandCycle’s proprietary bookmarklet, publishers can monetize content directly from their browser, cutting down the hassle of logging into multiple affiliate networks and managing individual relationships with BrandCycle retail brand partners.


How do publishers know how many clicks and how much revenue they are generating?

BrandCycle publishers can monitor their performance using the Reports section in the BrandCycle portal.


I’m new to content monetization. How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is really a way to track and receive payments for transactions generated as a result of visitors clicking a link to another website and making a purchase. Becoming an affiliate publisher offers the opportunity to monetize content and leverage online influence.